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January 20 2012

Hate feeling like I'm never happy enough, but I dont feel like it should be an issue to be so completely in love with someone. When you sacrifice hanging out with friends to be with that person, and it's not really a sacrifice to me because I'd so much rather be with them. Like when I go out with someone else their all I think about and I wish the whole time that I had jist stayed home with them, but I feel like its not the same for him.
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January 17 2012

Another haunting week of classes. When is spring break? Not sure if I'll make it..

January 16 2012

I'm never sure if it's just me. I always have crazy thoughts and certainly over think everything but is it so much to want to feel loved and to want someone to show they love you as much as you love them? Sometimes I wonder if I'm just insecure but I still feel as tho everything I want is reasonable and everything that I give in return.

January 14 2012

I'll be better, I promise. I'll make it all perfect tomrrow.

January 13 2012

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January 12 2012

We shall be really great friends.
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